Relationship Coaching

Relationships enrich our lives in many ways. They provide love, support, care and comfort. These relationships can often change over time which have the potential to result in turmoil and stress. This is true whether you are dating, married, or experiencing the death of a loved one, divorce or re-marriage.

Even when it is at first, an intact marriage or partnership, couples require assistance in navigating the daily challenges of work and family life, parenting young children, sharing the load, and learning to relate in a way that builds connection. Many couples fail to seek assistance which help educate why the relationship has become strained which can often prolong the time to rebuild trust and affection.

Relationships all have their complications. Whether you are seeking understanding of the dynamics in your current relationship, or looking forward to starting a new relationship, having a relationship coach who is unbiased to analyze and provide you with a renewed perspective is incredibly beneficial.

  • Worried you’re living separate lives.

  • Lacking effective communication.

  • Frequently arguing.

  • Ongoing low moods.

  • Unsatisfactory sex-life.

  • Marital boredom.

  • Lack of teammate solidarity.

  • Differing goals.

  • Emotional or physical infidelity.

  • One partner doesn’t want to attend relationship counselling or coaching.

  • Struggling to decide whether you actually still want to save the relationship or walk away.

Relationship Obstacles May Include:

  • Reinstating love, trust, respect, intimacy, passion, friendship, communication and harmony at home.

  • Learning how to eliminate conflict and repeat arguments.

  • Creating a sex life that satisfies both of you.

  • How to better manage emotions.

  • Understanding how emotions affect others and the relationship.

  • How to achieve individual happiness by feeding the relationship with positive energy.

  • Learning how to alleviate anger and frustrations to prevent unnecessary conflict.

  • Identifying and negotiating mutual wants, needs, and goals.

Coaching Can Assist With: