Hi, my name is Lori. I want to begin by congratulating you on taking this first initial step towards regaining your sense of self and working towards improving every aspect of your life.


With over fifteen years of combined experience working within the field of law enforcement, corrections and addiction, I have gained extensive knowledge by working with various professions and personality types, from Superior Court Judges, attorneys and police professionals to individuals suffering with mental health and addiction to incarcerated men and women.  When I say broad range, I mean that very literally.


I believe that in the depths of our human soul, regardless of your profession, status or financial success, happiness is connected to the desire in creating an inspiring lifestyle for ourselves, our families and to ultimately seek self-actualization.

I act as a facilitator for honest communication, helping my clients define what is truly valuable to them and identifying what will bring them the most joy and purpose in life.

As a certified life coach, I bring a strong and unique combination of training, education and experience to my clients.  Through effective listening and communication, I assist clients in viewing past and present situations from new and enlightened perspectives. The assumption is that an individual is more than capable of generating their own solutions, and by asking specific and targeted questions, I can provide a discovery-based framework that will help the client view things clearly and honestly. There is strong emphasis put on an individual's accountability and execution.

Together we will develop strategies to move beyond the obstacles which are preventing you from achieving your primary goals and create a customized plan to ensure your ultimate goals flourish into reality while discovering a sense of purpose and direction to peruse.

Like everyone, I have experienced hardships, loss, transitions and change. No one is perfect and neither are our lives. I have learned through the years that it is not the problems one faces, but how we react and grow through them that define our existence.

After thirteen years of working for one of the largest police organizations in Canada, I decided to pursue a new avenue where I could share my knowledge and skills with those searching for constructive guidance and change.

I combine powerful self-inquiry tools with my clients’ personal life experiences and help them build new inspiring patterns, release sabotaging behaviours, and implement long-term fulfilling strategies.

It would be my privilege to meet you through an initial consultation. Let's discover together your potential for creating a life of fulfillment and peace.

Additional Certifications

Mental Health - Symptoms and treatment strategies for mood disorders including: Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder, Anxiety and Schizophrenia.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing - This is a practice used nationwide by law enforcement and other first responder departments to aid their members to process and deal with the impact of traumatic experiences through crisis intervention.

Addiction Treatment strategies for those suffering from drug, alcohol and gambling addiction. (Couple and family group sessions available).

Begin Living Your Best Life Now!